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Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation was created in 2013 from the desire to detect ovarian cancer early and treat it successfully. Initially, we offered financial support to several organizations working toward those goals. At the same time, we began seeking ways a small foundation like ours might have an outsized strategic impact.
Throughout 2016–17 we listened to the most “expert” witnesses we know—ovarian cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, family and friends—to find out how people can feel, function and live better when confronted with this disease. We then gathered a smaller group to brainstorm potential actions based on what we’d heard.
As a result, our work is now focused on developing an emotional, social and cultural support program that will be tested as a pilot project mid-year. Led by The Clearity Foundation with seed funding from SPB Foundation, this collaboration includes a national team of experts in ovarian cancer science, treatment management, advocacy and oncology social work. The details are still emerging, but we know our goal is mobilizing personalized and targeted supports that fit each individual’s life and needs.

SPB Foundation’s grantmaking budget is devoted to this project. We don’t accept proposals or letters of inquiry.

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